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We take responsibility seriously

What is Responsibility?

At Copper Branch, we take responsibility seriously. Being responsible for us means taking accountability for our actions from the past, present, and future. Our goal is to set high standards and practices towards a better future, whether it comes to supporting local schools or opting for environmentally-friendly sourced materials. In all of our initiatives, we pay a close and real attention to being as environmentally and ethically-responsible as possible.

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Responsibility towards people

Nearly everyone is familiar with the old nutritional saying “you are what you eat.” This saying urges you to think about the origins of your food. If your food was raised in an environment riddled with pesticides, herbicides, genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and growth hormones, it will absorb those chemicals – and so will you. This is particularly true of animal foods because animals accumulate and concentrate many pounds of vegetation into each pound of meat or milk that they produce. This is the reason why Copper Branch serves you wholesome, plant-based foods. We hold the responsibility for the food you eat and take pride in serving real nutrition.

Responsibility towards the communities we live in

Copper Branch establishes partnerships of a lifetime. Copper Branch has been a proud supporter of events like Table of Hope, Strangers in The Night, Relay For Life, and many, many more. We have also been lucky to support the Alouettes by serving the players power foods they need for great athletic performance. Only by uniting together, we create a platform for support, encouragement, and promotion of the positive changes that we solidly stand for.

Responsibility towards our planet

Copper Branch is dedicated to being sustainable – we search and adopt vegan, cruelty-free practices to set up the new norms of the food industry. First, by choosing vegan, we eliminate the most harmful causes of the current environmental devastation. By excluding animal products like meat, dairy, and eggs, you make the biggest possible contribution to saving the planet by preventing the climate change, deforestation, water use, species extinction, waste production, and land use! Next time you think about your lunch, think about your kids’ and grandkids’ future. Opt for a delicious vegan Power Bowl to protect our beautiful planet and support your body and health.

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