“Looking for that big break” – Copper Branch and vegan women summit unveil glow up contest

Published on June 4 2021 | Press, News

Copper Branch is excited to be partnering with the Vegan Women Summit with our newest Plant-Powered Glow Up Contest! This will be an incredible opportunity to connect with passionate individuals and plant-powered companies to launch the next vegan innovation!

After its recent acquisition by Foodtastic Inc, Copper Branch – which holds the claim of being the world’s largest 100% plant-based restaurant chain – has launched a new collaboration with Vegan Women Summit to introduce the Plant Powered Glow Up Contest.

The fresh initiative involves a global plant-based food product pitch to award a food service contract to a women-led or founded business. Having begun on June 1st and free to enter, the aim is to amplify the work of women leaders creating innovative, plant-based products and provide access to major food service and distribution contracts.

“We’re creating access to the types of contracts and exposure that could lead to exponential revenue and business growth” – Jennifer Stojkovic 

The winning product will be featured as a menu item in select Copper Branch locations across Canada and the United States this fall, offering the chance for global brand exposure and international distribution for the winner. After the Foodtastic acquisition last month, Copper Branch is opening 40 new locations over the next 36 months, both in Canada and internationally.

Companies from around the world are invited to apply to the Glow Up, with studies showing that female-founded companies are more likely to far outperform their male counterparts, despite receiving a measly 3% of investment funds.


Trish Paterson, CEO of Copper Branch, explained: “Some of the greatest innovations in food are happening in the plant-based sector. As leaders in this category, we think it only makes sense that we be the ones to lead the expansion of these incredible new ideas and offerings into the food service industry; while supporting these hard-working women founders who are looking for that ‘big break’ to take their companies to the next level. We are excited to see what amazing creations we can bring to our customers next!”

Jennifer Stojkovic, Founder of Vegan Women Summit, added: “The Plant Powered Glow Up contest and our partnership with Copper Branch is key to supporting a diverse, equitable ecosystem of women in the plant-based food space. Many companies pledge support of women founders and founders of color, but few commit the resources and follow-up needed to create lasting change. We know women are creating incredible plant-based products every day and, through this partnership, we’re creating access to the types of contracts and exposure that could lead to exponential revenue and business growth.”