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Let’s make a difference and be rewarded for making good choices when it comes to our health and the health of the planet! Join My Copper Branch Rewards and earn Loyalty Points that can add up to free and delicious menu items by scanning your Rewards Card after every purchase. Simply present your e-card in store to earn, or link your account in your Copper Branch online ordering app and earn points with every purchase!

How my Copper Branch rewards work?

Register to manage rewards
Step 1

Register your Loyalty Card online to join the program. Receive a bonus 1000 POINTS when you become a member today!

Click “JOIN NOW” above to sign up.

Members enjoy special offers and can use their points to pay.

Loyalty Cards available in-store!

E-Loyalty Cards available here!

Earn rewards
Step 2

Simply have your Loyalty Card scanned at the order counter while paying for your meal. Earn points on all of your purchases, in-store.

You can also present your phone to our staff members to have your e-Card Barcode scanned from the Copper Branch app. Our rewards app is available both on AppStore and Google Play!

Every dollar spent earns you 20 points.

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Register to manage rewards
Step 3

Always manage and track your points, preferences on My Copper Branch Rewards portal.

Click “LOG IN” above to view your account.

Every 1000 points earned will give you $1 off your next purchase.